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Tongue Piercing

Gum piercing / Uvula piercing Horizontal tongue piercing – Snake Eyes Scoop Piercing Tongue (vertical, horizontal and surface) Tongue frenulum Tongue Ring Piercing Venom tongue piercing – Venom’s Prontolind Piercing care set: In order to…


Mouth & lip band piercing

Cheek Piercing Chin-Labret Eskimo-Piercing/Vertical lip piercing Frowny Piercing (Lip frenulum piercing of the lower lip) Gum piercing / Uvula piercing Horizontal Labret Horizontal labret piercing through the upper lip (Surfacepiercing Upper Lip) Jestrum Piercing/Vertical Upper…


Nose Piercing

Alternative nose piercings Austin Bar Bidge Nasallang: Nose piercing with a ring Nose piercing with stud Nose tip piercing Septril Piercing Septum Prontolind Piercing care set: In order to optimally support the healing process, we…


Genital piercing for women

An overview of clitoral hood piercing Anus-Piercing Chastity-Piercing Christina-Piercing Deep Clitoral Hood Piercings/ Deep Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercings Dermal Anchor in the genital area Fourchette-Piercing Horizontal clitoral hood piercing: Hymen-Piercing Inner labia piercings Isabella-Piercing Nefertiti-Piercing…


Eye Piercing

Bridge Dermal anchor on the eyes Eyebrow piercing Surface Piercing on the eye Vertical Bridge Prontolind Piercing care set: In order to optimally support the healing process, we recommend cleaning external piercings twice a day…


Ear Piercings

Conch Daith Ear surface piercing Earlobe piercing using a needle Earrings done with a piercing gun Helix Industrial Orbital Rook Snug Stretching the ear hole Tragus Transverse Lobe Piercing Trimix Piercing UFO Vertical lobe piercing…


Travel insurance

If Marc, yourself or your travel companion gets sick, you will be reimbursed with this special travel insurance from Hanse Merkur! Therefore, I strongly recommend you to complete this special travel insurance when you book…



General questions: e.g. Opening hours, appointments, etc. When can I visit your shop? Opening hours starting in 2011Sales area:Mo-Fr. 09: 00 – 19: 00Sat. 09: 00 – 18: 00The morning hours may vary due to…


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Booking Book an appointment for a customized piercing session with us. Certified company Our hygiene certificates, the HHÖ seal, expert assessments, and testimonials. Online shop Visit our shop for a selection of over 40,000 high-quality…


Privacy Policy

Data Protection Declaration 1) Information on the Collection of Personal Data and Contact Details of the Controller 1.1 We are pleased that you are visiting our website and thank you for your interest. In the following,…



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