An orbital piercing consists of two piercings joined by a ball closure ring.

It resembles an industrial piercing, but the distance between the piercings is substantially shorter.

Generally speaking, orbitals can be placed on any part of the body, that is, any spot which can accommodate two adjacent piercings. Apart from the ears, which are the most common sites, one can also opt for the nose, the lower lips, and the inner/outer labia.

Piercing procedure:

Orbitals are always performed as individual piercings with individual jewels, and subsequently joined by a ring (ball closure ring).



Orbitals are a rarity. They have a charm all their own and are sure to turn heads.

Healing and care:

An orbital piercing can take between 3 and 8 months to heal completely, rarely longer. Like other external piercings, in the first three weeks it should be cleaned with ProntoLind spray twice a day, and then coated with ProntoLind gel. It is important to wash your hands before touching the pierced area and the jewelry itself. By caring for the piercing in the correct manner and with the proper materials, you can do a great deal to prevent the onset of proud flesh.

Disinfectant solutions containing alcohol or chlorine should be avoided.