Without doubt the most popular form of genital piercing, and the one which is most often done as a first, is the clitoral hood piercing.

For one thing, clitoral hood piercings heal up beautifully, quickly, and without complications, and look incredibly stylish; they are also highly stimulating to the clitoris and can provide tremendous orgasms.

Here too there are various forms and configurations, so we’ve created the following sub-categories to make things clear.


Horizontal clitoral hood piercing:Intimpiercing KVH H Klitoris Vorhaut Horizontal Klitorisvorhaut Piercing

This is usually done with a small ring, and although it is somewhat stimulating, it mainly just looks good.



Vertical clitoral hood piercing:

Klitorisvorhaut-Piercing-Vertikal Intimpiercing KVH KVV Klitoris Vorhaut Vertikal Klitorisvorhaut PiercingVisually stunning and also very stimulating for the woman wearing it.





KVH Horizontal Tief tiefes Klitorisvorhaut PiercingDeep clitoral hood piercing:

The deep horizontal clitoral hood piercing stimulates the clitoral hood from below and looks fantastic.





Magic Cross:Magic-Cross-Intim-Piercing Magic Cross KVH KVV

This is a combination of the horizontal and vertical clitoral hood piercing. It looks lovely and combines the advantages of both.


Princess Diana Piercing:Prinzessin-Diana-Piercing KVV Klitoris Vorhaut Piercing

A remarkable form of piercing that is rarely seen.

That said, there is nothing dangerous about it: It is simply two clitoral hood piercings done not in the middle of the hood, but to the left and right of the clitoris. The effect is easily imagined.