You may be asking yourself what the difference is between a horizontal clitoral hood piercing and a deep clitoral hood piercing, given that it looks a lot like a Triangle Piercing and a regular HCH.

The difference lies in the height, that is, in the precise spot in which the clitoral hood is perforated and how deeply it penetrates the skin.

The deep clitoral hood piercing is lower than a normal clitoral hood piercing. The goal is for the piercing to envelope the clitoris so that it is being stimulated from the inside as well as from the ball (which is closer to the clitoris).

Visually it gives the impression that the piercing is creating a protective shell around the clitoris.


The sexual pleasure derived from a deep horizontal clitoral hood piercing is much greater than with the regular clitoral hood piercing.

This doesn’t mean that it is a constant source of stimulation (e.g. while riding the subway or sitting in the office), but that it can be stimulated by the woman or her partner.

The degree of stimulation can be strengthened or weakened depending on the size of the ball and length of the bar.

The piercing stimulates the clitoris from behind, which provides a very pleasurable sensation, and one which is not possible without a piercing.


There are countless jewelry options when it comes to a VCH piercing. Generally we recommend a lightly curved 1.6mm bar. Occasionally a VCH piercing is stretched to 2.0mm or 2.5mm.

Initially a bigger ring is used, which is then replaced by a smaller one after about two weeks. The diameter used will depend on the anatomy and wishes of the client.

The size of the ball and the diameter are important. Initially we recommend a combination using a 4mm or 5mm ball. Subsequently, many women opt for a larger ball which increases stimulation.

Few women wear a straight bar with a deep clitoral hood piercing, but occasionally they may choose to.

Whatever your wish, we have the right jewelry for you.


The clitoral hood piercing generally heals very quickly and there are rarely any complications. Approximately four weeks are needed for the initial healing stage.

Genital piercings can take between 2 weeks and 6 months to heal completely, rarely longer. Like other external piercings, in the first three weeks it should be cleaned with ProntoLind spray twice a day, and then coated with ProntoLind gel. It is important to wash your hands before touching the pierced area and the jewelry itself. By caring for the piercing in the correct manner and with the proper materials, you will rarely have to deal with cases of proud flesh.

Disinfectant solutions containing alcohol or chlorine should be avoided.

When it comes to having sexual intercourse following the piercing we do not advise you against it, but usually people wait a couple of days before resuming normal sexual relations.

A secret tip is using your own urine as a healing agent, which can speed up the healing process enormously.


Variations and combinations are of course possible.

Alternatives to deep clitoral hood piercings include the HCH and VCH piercings mentioned above.

Although the Triangle piercing is also done through the clitoral hood, but at the very bottom, it isn’t technically considered a clitoral hood piercing.