The placement of the piercing is effectively through the apex of the triangle, forming the “triangle” by way of the inner labia and the clitoral hood.

From the perspective of the clitoral hood, it runs quite deep below/behind the clitoris and horizontally through the clitoral hood, at the point at which the clitoral hood merges with the inner labia.

Piercing procedure:

The piercing can only be performed if the anatomical requirements have been met, i.e. that beneath the clitoris there is sufficient tissue available to accommodate the jewelry. Even with pronounced outer labia, the piercing can still be uncomfortable to wear because it becomes constantly twisted and stuck. Whether the piercing can be performed without problems is something that will be discussed beforehand with the piercer.


The Triangle Piercing is reported to be very pleasurable. Apart from the Isabella Piercing, it is the only form of piercing that stimulates the clitoris from behind.

The piercing is said to provide increased sexual gratification precisely through this stimulation from behind the clitoris.


The Triangle Piercing generally heals very quickly and there are rarely any complications. Approximately 4-6 weeks are needed for the initial healing stage.

Genital piercings can take between 2 weeks and 6 months to heal completely, rarely longer. Like other external piercings, in the first three weeks it should be cleaned with ProntoLind spray twice a day, and then coated with ProntoLind gel. It is important to wash your hands before touching the pierced area and the jewelry itself. By caring for the piercing in the correct manner and with the proper materials, you will rarely have to deal with cases of proud flesh.

Disinfectant solutions containing alcohol or chlorine should be avoided.

When it comes to having sexual intercourse following the piercing we do not advise you against it, but usually people wait a couple of days before resuming normal sexual relations.

A secret tip is using your own urine as a healing agent, which can speed up the healing process enormously.


As jewelry we recommend starting with a ring with a captive bead 1.6mm in diameter and a ring size adapted to the anatomy of the wearer.


This piercing originated in the USA and made its way from there to Europe; more and more women request it and are surprised when they find a piercing studio that is familiar with it and willing to perform it.


Alternatives include the vertical clitoral hood piercing, the clitoris piercing, or a deep clitoral hood piercing.