This manual applies to all piercings that are not performed in the mouth or in the genital area.

For single-point piercings like dermal anchors (DA) skindivers, surface piercings and genital piercings, we’ve drawn up a different healing manual.

Recommended medicine:

We recommend the use of the indicated medicines, none of which requires a prescription, but can only be found in a pharmacy.

We are not liable for the use or application of these medicines; consult your doctor or pharmacist for any side effects or risks involved.

The products mentioned can be obtained at our shop on the day of your piercing or at any other time thereafter.

Recommended healing products: ProntoLind Gel and ProntoLind Spray with a polyhexanide-betaine complex from Prontomed

Daily care for external piercings (Twice a day for 2-3 weeks):

  1. Wash your hands before touching the piercing and disinfect your hands afterward.
  2. Spray on ProntoLind Spray and leave it on for 30 seconds. Then wipe it clean with a smooth tissue (paper towel or kleenex, no cotton balls!)
  3. Apply ProntoLind Gel and let it absorb. Then carefully begin to move the piercing backwards and forwards.

(Do not twist the piercing/implant, and do not even move the surface piercings!)


The surface piercing should be touched as little as possible (wash and disinfect your hands if doing so), and exposed to as little irritation as possible as well.

Do not remove or twist the piercing when cleaning, since this can further damage the wound canal.

Use ProntoLind-Spray and ProntoLind-Gel twice a day for the first 2-3 weeks, then once a day for another 3 weeks.

Healing process for all Piercings:


Specific healing process for genital piercings:

Concerns & Questions:

Should there be unexpected problems during the healing process, or should you have any doubts, contact your piercer immediately or write to us. Most complications can be straightened out quickly. In case of an emergency occurring outside of our work hours, go to the hospital immediately.