There are many piercing options when it comes to the face.

The best known is the eyebrow piercing, which strictly speaking is not a surface piercing.

The Bridge, on the other hand, is a surface piercing, as are a variety of other piercings with surface balls arranged around the eyes.

The tragus can also accommodate a vertical surface piercing.


A surface piercing is any body piercing which is performed on a surface of the body/skin which is neither convex nor concave (i.e. flat skin surfaces which neither protrude nor are indented).


The so-called surface bars are specially designed for surface piercings. These are barbells with two 90° bends at the end (going in the same direction) which reduce the amount of tension.

For the face we recommend using a bar thickness of 1.2mm, and not piercing with a bar that is too long.


The healing of a surface piercing can take a little longer due to the fact that the skin in the area is under increased tension.

On average, the healing phase will be approximately 2 months.

During this time, daily care is recommended.

We recommend a combination of ProntoLind Spray and ProntoLind Gel.

Healing Process For All Surface Piercings:


The depth of the piercing canal is essential to a successful surface piercing. We only pierce in areas that we know are safe, and we clearly explain to our clients what is feasible and what isn’t.