We are the best.
We are certified, officially authorized, hygienic, professional, reasonably priced, cutting edge, and offer the best technical equipment available.

How did we get here?
Due to the great demand for a professional, attractive, clean, and trustworthy piercing studio in Vienna, we were inspired to open our own studio.
Needless to say, we have a trading license and hygiene certificate (for the studio and the autoclaves) as well as numerous awards, e.g. the wellness partner of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

Because there are many studios who willingly take health risks, neglect hygiene standards out of greed, or fail to follow the regulations II 141 and 261 of the Federal Law Gazette (e.g. by performing piercing procedures on minors), it is vital for us to offer our customers the quality standards they will not find in other studios.

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What are we offering?

We place great importance on cleanliness, hygiene, a sterile environment, and professional piercing implants.


How we operate:

Our piercer has years of experience on the international stage and particularly in the area of piercing as it relates to medicine.

He takes a great deal of care in advising his customers on an individual basis. We are highly skilled in all piercing techniques (piercing, punching, stretching, surface piercing). We spare no expenses when it comes to our materials or our equipment.


How can you verify our claims?

Our current certificates are on display in our studio, including our trading license, hygiene certificate, an autoclave certificate from Bioanalyticum NÖ, awards from the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, reports and testimonies from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce concerning the professional expertise of our piercer, and much more besides.


What can we guarantee?

We are passionate about our work and are always striving for 120% customer satisfaction. Therefore, poor service is simply not an option for us. We guarantee that we will take however much time we need to help you reach your aesthetic goals. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will offer you a second piercing free of charge.


How to choose a piercing studio?

Certified, officially authorized, hygienic, professional, reasonably priced, and - of course - best technical equipment available.


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