Dangers of piercing

The greatest danger lies in choosing the wrong piercer.

There are thousands of stories regarding the victims, mishaps, and unwanted side effects of piercing.

Fortunately, what all these stories have in common is this: they are misleading.

Nowadays, a professional, qualified piercer can inflict no permanent, irreparable damage to the human body.

Sadly, not all piercers are professionals, and that is why there have been so many cases of botched piercings reported.
A bad piercer is in danger of performing a procedure incorrectly from the very outset, creating a series of errors as a result.

These errors show up already in the healing process and later in the fit and retention of the piercing, and in the worst cases in chronic health problems.

That said, something more serious like a paralysis, or the impairment of one of the senses like taste, sight, or hearing, or a loss of sensation, does not occur in today’s piercing procedures.

An unprofessional piercer:

  • does not take the time to focus on your needs.
  • is impolite and condescending.
  • does not allow anyone into the operating room for fear that they will expose his/her unprofessional methods.
  • skimps on medical supplies and equipment.
  • uses Octenisept (Octenidine dihydrochloride) for every area of the body.
  • blames you if your piercing becomes inflamed.
  • claims that your piercing is straight, even if it’s blatantly crooked.
  • will pierce anything imaginable, for cash
  • is usually much too pricey, since s/he has to survive on unprofessional work.

A good piercer:

  • has in-depth medical knowledge at his disposal
  • practices sound pharmacology and
  • can accurately judge the appropriateness of a piercing procedure and any complications which may arise in the process.
  • has enough integrity to own up to an error s/he has made and rectify it.

We invite you to see this for yourself, since we have nothing to hide.

Rest assured that you are in good hands, and that the only thing you have to fear is that your friends will be so impressed by the results that they may end up following your example and getting pierced as well.


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