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Curriculum Vitae:
Until 30 August 2016, Marc-André Stingel was a sworn, court-certified expert in body care (personal hygiene), beauty care, specializing in body piercing – piercing – body jewelry, field number 81.76.
His certification and activity extended to all of Austria and he was registered at the commercial court of Vienna.

Marc-André has years of experience in the field of piercing.
Already during his studies in dentistry and subsequently in economics he was able to gather some experience in piercing.
His studies provided him with an unusually high level of expertise. He also completed an apprenticeship in piercing, is officially qualified to practice, and has had been engaged in the profession on a national and international level.

He passed the necessary examinations, including the technical discussion and submission of a work sample required for body piercing (according to §19GwO) and received a trading license. He is therefore one of the few commercial piercers in Austria.

Through his activity as a certified expert, Marc-André is kept abreast of all current legal regulations and is constantly extending his know-how in the field.

Given that Marc-André has a personal interest in the medical profession, which is enormously beneficial to his role as a piercer, he consistently strives to stay up-to-date and address the medical questions which bear most directly on the craft of piercing. In doing so, he frequently consults with doctors with whom he is well-acquainted.

Currently, the examination is carried out by an expert from the Chamber of Commerce, includes a technical discussion and the submission of a work sample, and complies with the most current regulations. However, there is no official diploma given to a piercer, so that the terms used cannot be seen as legally binding.

An expert with know-how

Marc-André had also been an expert appointed by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, and was thus entitled to the qualification in virtue of §19 GWO, validated through a verbal examination and the submission of a work sample. That means that whoever had attended a course at WIFI or another institute, or had received a qualification, would have had to undergo a verbal examination and submit a work sample to him to become an officially recognized expert in turn.

Currently, he is also working closely with the organization Hepatitis Hilfe Österreich (HHO – Hepatitis Help Austria) on a project intended to optimize the quality and security standards in the fields of piercing and tattooing. These measures have been incorporated into his studio, and hopefully in many others as well.

He has written articles for numerous trade guilds with the aim of addressing important technical questions. His expert opinion is in great demand among fellow piercers, guilds, other experts, doctors, judges, lawyers, as well as other educational institutions.

Marc-André has frequently been featured in the media. He has appeared on ORF, ATV and other television networks, and has been a radio guest on Krone Hit and Ö1 & FM4. He has also provided technical assistance to film productions seeking his advice in creating humorous scenes involving piercing procedures.

Providing expert opinions to private enterprises is also an important part of his activity, and he can be contacted at any time by those requiring his services.


Marc-André has mastered every technique of professional body piercing. This includes piercing with the current 1.2-2.0mm disposable cannula and stretching with sterilized tools.

He also performs the new 90° surface piercings which prevent the body from rejecting the jewelry which has been inserted. He can also do single-point piercings. Note, however, that this last procedure will eventually be rejected by the body as well.

The implants used in our piercing are made out of Titanium G23, Bioplast, or PTFE—all nickel-free.

For Marc-André piercing is a passion, attested by his uncompromising perfectionism and precision, and the demands he makes on himself in offering 120% customer satisfaction.

Not everything you find in the glossary will be necessarily put into practice, however. The glossary simply serves as an overview of possible procedures. Only what is legally permissible will be carried out—and above all, what makes sense for the customer. A piercing that is bound to fail will not be attempted.

“The phenomenon that is piercing, and the continual emergence of new techniques and art forms has made piercing into a constant learning process for me. It is this process alone that allows me to offer nothing but the best to my clients.”
“NO LIMITS: Nothing is impossible or “unpierceable” (as long as it isn’t illegal and doesn’t endanger the health of the customer).”


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