Our online booking tool allows you to book an appointment up to a maximum of 6 weeks in advance! Appointments can always be booked from 00:00 a.m.!

>> Piercings from €80. Further information when making an appointment <<

Since we are in high demand, appointments are made quickly, we update the calendar regularly and spontaneously check in in the morning or call us, often someone spontaneously cancels at short notice!

Should it be faster? Then you can also take advantage of our VIP (Priority) prices during special opening times – without long waiting times –

If you buy cheap, you buy expensive: Be careful, all our prices include sterile titanium jewelry (100% nickel-free) including balls without Swarovski stones. Many studios entice you with cheaper prices, but WITHOUT jewelry, i.e. without a first use piercing, or with surgical steel jewelry (surgical steel is prohibited as a first use according to the EU Nickel Regulation). Often the piercing jewelry is subsequently charged €30 or more at the checkout, and in the end it is more expensive than elsewhere and you find out about it at the checkout after the piercing! That’s why always ask beforehand whether EVERYTHING, including the sterile titanium jewelry, is included as a first use. With us everything is included in the prices mentioned, there is only an additional charge for special requests!

Of course, you can also buy the right piercing care products from us.

With us, every customer gets fresh and only once-used materials for their money: disposable gloves, sterile gloves, sterile drapes, swabs, pens, disposable needles, individually packaged sterile titanium piercing jewelry, individually packaged piercing pliers, sterile disinfectant swabs, disposable medical rolls on the chair and if necessary, plaster! Hygiene is and has always been our top priority.

Cancellation: If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance, you will have to pay 100% loss of sales if you do not show up!! Exceptions only in the event of unsolicited presentation of medical certificates!

All prices are without guarantee and include VAT; the prices currently stated on the booking page apply. (Subject to change at any time)


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