Piercing Accident

What should you do if you’ve had an accident with the piercing?

Below are some guidelines to follow if you’ve had an accident involving your pierced area.

The instructions should be used as a kind of first-aid kit for emergencies.

Accidents involving a piercing tend to occur late in the evening or on Fridays—when no emergency services are available.

Our aim is to offer assistance for people who are in urgent need of it.

If you’ve had an accident with your piercing, you can simply come to us and we will provide assistance as soon as we can.


General guidelines:

  1. Stay calm! Piercing accident; loss of a piercing; piercing emergency
  2. Always wash your hands and disinfect the area!
  3. Disinfect the piercing jewelry before inserting it!
  4. Never force a piercing into your skin; instead allow a piercing studio to stretch it or pierce it again! Leave the piercing inside the canal, and if it is lost, try inserting a different one, whether or not it fits perfectly. The main thing is to have a piercing inserted into the canal, even if it means using an earring.

Until you can get an appointment or come to our studio, we offer you the following tips:

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