Skindiver Implant

This is a variation of the dermal anchor, whose upper attachment cannot be changed.

Recently, a skindiver has been developed which although slightly larger than the regular version, allows you to change the upper disc attachment.

However, the attachment of dermal anchors and skindivers cannot be combined, because they have different widths.

The end of a normal skindiver tapers off to a slight point which reflects the light beautifully.

Skindivers are great for adorning tattoos, and can also be combined with microdermals.

Skindivers allow you the utmost creativity in design.

Thanks to its minimal depth of 1.5mm, it can be placed on almost any part of the body.

Healing and Care:

Like microdermals, the healing period will depend on the part of the body affected.

  1. Wash your hands before touching the piercing and disinfect your hands afterward.
  2. Spray on ProntoLind Spray and leave it on for 30 seconds. Then wipe it clean with a smooth tissue (paper towel or kleenex, no cotton balls!)
  3. Apply ProntoLind Gel and let it absorb. Then carefully begin to move the piercing backwards and forwards (don’t twist).

Implants and surface piercings should not be moved.


Skindivers are smaller than dermal anchors. The upper attachments cannot be altered, because the implant and the attachment are all of a piece. The visible portion of the skindiver is made of titanium and therefore has a silver color, but the surface is cut in such a way that it gleams and glitters, depending on the how the light strikes it.


Skindivers can be placed on any part of the body—and unlike dermal anchors, also on the back of the hand or the knuckles.

You cannot remove them yourself, but like dermal anchors, they must be removed by an experienced piercer.

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