A piercing/implant or ball grows in/disappears into the skin

Suppose that following a piercing/surface piercing/dermal anchor/implant, the ball grows into the skin

During the healing process, it can happen that a piercing/piercing ball risks growing into the skin due to a swelling of the area.

However, keep in mind that this is a gradual process and makes itself felt.

Therefore, there is no reason to fear that the piercing ball or the implant will simply vanish from one moment to another.

However, there is a reason for concern if you notice that the ball or the disc of an implant is beginning to disappear beneath the skin.

The back part of a labret stud can also vanish under the skin, especially in mouth piercings.

In general, it is the mucous membrane piercings that tend to do this, more than other forms of piercings.

However, a professional piercer should select a piercing that is long enough to prevent the above from happening.

Due to the swelling which arises after a surface piercing, it can happen that the length of the bar can no longer be chosen according to one’s preferences. If it begins to grown in, you should find the nearest piercing studio, or any studio that you can trust.

Usually, the problem will be resolved with a quick intervention by the piercer and a switch of the balls or attachments.

Occasionally a longer stud will have to be used.

Replacing the ball or the attachment yourself can be dangerous, because the bar or implant can slip under the skin at the moment in which you are trying to replace it. At that point, it’s “game over” for you, in the sense that only a professional piercer will have the required tools and know-how to fix it.

If a ball or an attachment is on the verge of sliding beneath the skin, I recommend doing the following:

  • Keep the pierced area dry, and do not apply any ointment or gel
  • If possible, slide some tape or paper towel under it, in order to draw it to the surface (less is more in this case)
  • Do NOT unscrew the ball/attachment!
  • Avoid showers/baths because moisture softens the skin and makes the problem worse
  • Go to a studio as soon as possible
  • In the case of mucous membranes (mouth/genitals/breast), make sure that the bar can be moved back and forth, and doesn’t grow in.

-> From our experience, we can tell you that it looks and feels much worse than it is. In nearly all cases we will be able to solve the problem.

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