Dermal Anchor (Implant) on the ear


On the ear, of course not entirely true, conceivable and mostly the DA’s are made near the ear, next to the tragus, or behind the ear.

Dermal Anchor Implantat hals tattoo

Dermal Anchor (Micro Dermals / DA’s):

The vernacular simply says “implants” or as a customer said today: “These things that you staple under the skin …”

Healing and care:

The healing process of a dermal piercing varies from 3 months to 8 months to complete healing, rarely it takes longer. Like other external piercings, it should be cleaned with ProntoLind spray and twice a day for at least the first 3 weeks and then smeared with ProntoLind gel will.

It is important to only touch the pierced area and the piercing with washed and disinfected hands. With the right care and the right care products, you can counteract the wild growth (also called wild meat) that occurs with cartilage piercings.

Alcohol-based or chlorine-based disinfectants should be avoided.

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