Earrings done with a piercing gun


Note: We do NOT use a piercing gun. We forbid it because it is very dangerous.

The piercing gun is a relic of the 1970s, originated from cattle branding, and damages both cartilage and ear.

This is why we use needles exclusively. Our customers have to be over 14, therefore we do not provide this service to children.

Historical background:

In the Middle Ages, guild members showed their allegiance by wearing earrings. The earring was usually made of gold and was to serve as the undertaker’s remuneration in case of a guild member’s death. When a member broke the rules of his guild, his earring would be ripped out as punishment, serving also to stigmatize the offender.

The oldest earring discovered to date is thought to be between 7500 and 8200 years old and was made in Chifeng, Mongolia. These earrings, of which several pairs were found, are made of jade and are between 2.5 and 6 cm long.

Healing and care:

Closed piercing holes rarely heal, even with the best care and materials.

Earlobe piercings:

Nobody should willingly get their ears pierced using a piercing gun.

The single best option is piercing with a needle, between 1.2 – 2.0mm.

The advantage is not only that the earlobe heals more quickly and more completely, but that the needle allows a more sterilized and precise operation.

Those who intend to the stretch their earlobes should opt for a needle instead of a gun.

No one should willingly get their ears pierced with a piercing gun.

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