Lost tongue piercings

Because genital piercings involve the mucous membrane, they can be problematic, since they close up much more quickly than other piercings.

In this case do the following:

  • Immediately insert a bar/ring in the piercing canal, since it should not remain empty for too long.
  • If you do not have a replacement piercing handy, use an earring, which is always better than nothing.
  • Go to a piercing studio as soon as possible and have them replace the piercing before the wound canal closes up.
  • If you use an earring as a replacement, be aware that the canal will have to be subsequently stretched, because it will have closed up slightly in the meantime. This is not a problem and is easily done, but it will cost you extra money since we only stretch in a sterilized manner.
  • If you’ve only lost a ball, make sure to keep the bar or ring attached (best done with leukoplast), and then go to a piercing studio.
  • With a tongue piercing the problem is to avoid losing the bar: if possible, screw the ball back on while holding the bar between your teeth.
  • If your tongue stud has fallen out, try to reinsert it. Let your tongue hang out loosely and insert from the underside upward (or vice versa), without forcing it. Then try to speak as little as possible and go straight to your piercing studio.
  • Piercings performed in the mouth (lip or tongue) should be reinserted as quickly as possible, otherwise there is a risk of complications. Your best option is to have a backup piercing handy for emergencies.
  • Piercings of the lip or tongue frenulum close up even more quickly. This means that a single day without a piercing is enough for them to close and require a new piercing.

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