A premium high-tech synthetic material

For decades, synthetic materials have found applications in countless areas of our everyday lives.

In medical and clinical fields in particular, synthetic materials have become indispensable tools in diagnosing and treating illnesses (just think of cannulae, threads, implants, etc.).

What sets PMFK apart is its enormous elasticity and resistance to temperature; it is also one of the most versatile materials in terms of color and shape, which has led to great innovations in the market sector.

Recent technology has made it possible to create transparent colors which, in conjunction with harmless dyes and thanks to its special properties, make it an ideal material for the human body. The color elements in PMFK are bonded directly to the material, which means the color will not shed and remains fixed in the material.

This was not always possible with earlier materials, which used pigments for their coloring and could be toxic to the human body. These pigments were not part of the material, but acted as a coating which could then rub/crumble off over time.

This means that they risk separating from the material and are thus unsuited for use on the human body.

In contrast, all PMFK colorings and transparent colorings are perfectly stable and harmless for the body.

The properties outlined above allow PMFK to be used in labrets, barbells, stable banana barbells, and BCR captive bead rings; even segment rings can be made from it. The minimal weight and high elasticity of PMFK are additional advantages.

The transparent version of PMFK is also known as “invisible piercing”, and is very popular among customers who are not allowed to wear visible piercings on a daily basis. These are also referred to as piercing retainers.

Like PTFE, PMFK can be shortened and furnished with a thread. This means that the jewelry can be adapted to the customer’s specific anatomical requirements.

Given that PTFE does not conduct electricity, it can be worn during surgical operations, X-Rays, CT scans, or MRIs.

Like PTFE, PMFK is not magnetic.

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