Prince’s Wand and Pound Puppy


A Prince’s Wand or a Urethra Diabolo is a rarely used piece of jewelry for the penis. It consists of a rod, usually out of titanium, which is inserted in the urethra and is fixed with a Prince Albert, an Ampallang, or an Apadravya.

If a tube is used, then the ball at the end of it can be unscrewed when urinating.

If it’s a bar that is not hollowed out, then it either has to be thinner than the urethra or needs to be removed before urinating.


There are three types of Prince’s Wand.

  1. Policeman‘s Nightstick:
    The most common is the Policeman’s Nightstick, which is inserted as outlined above, and gets its name from its resemblance to a policeman’s baton.
  2. Ring Wand:
    A Ring Wand has one or more external rings which run through the bottom end of the Prince Albert and once around the penis.
  3. Pinless Wand:
    A Pinless Wand does not require a piercing procedure in order to be worn. It is simply held in place by rings around the penis.

Creating a Prince’s Wand can be expensive, since it is essentially a customized procedure, which is adapted specifically to the individual size of the penis. That is why it is rarely worn by men.

We have already commissioned a variety of Prince’s Wand jewelry for our clients—nothing is impossible.

Pound Puppy:

Like the Prince’s Wand, this piercing is a combination of various piercings linked by a piece of jewelry. It gets its name from its visual form, since it looks like a toy puppy.

It requies an Ampallang and two off-center Prince Albert piercings (to the left and right of the frenulum).

In the past we have created a Pound Puppy piece of jewelry which comprised a bar going upward and downward, effectively a regular Prince Albert and a shaft Ampallang combined.

In fact, it is one of the rarest forms of piercings available, because the jewelry is custom-made for it. There will probably be only handful of people in Europe who are familiar with it.


The jewelry needs to be custom-made in this case.

The piercing must also be thought through carefully and designed for this style from the beginning.

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