General Information about getting pierced

By an amateur

Piercing by an amateur Time and time again I’ve had to hear customers tell me that they had their piercings done by someone incompetent and…


For parents only

For parents onlyDear parents,With years of experience under my belt, I would like to give you a few things to think about:We all love our…


Piercing at the doctor’s?

Piercing and tattoos at the doctor’s? What are the pros and cons of getting a piercing/tattoos or permanent make-up done by a licensed doctor? The…


Piercing Manual

A D.I.Y. manual for piercing Time and again I am asked how to go about piercing oneself without having to resort to a professional. My…


Risks and Side Effects

When it comes to risks and side effects you should consult your piercer Is piercing dangerous?YES. You are letting a stranger make a hole in…


Where do I find the right studio?

How do I go about finding the cleanest and most hygienic piercing studio? The price is no indication of the quality or level of hygiene…


Prontolind Piercing care set:

In order to optimally support the healing process, we recommend cleaning external piercings twice a day with ProntoLind spray for the first 3 weeks and then brushing with ProntoLind gel.

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