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Lost genital piercings

Because genital piercings involve the mucous membrane, they can be problematic, since they close up much more quickly than other piercings.

In this case, do the following:

  • Immediately insert a bar/ring in the piercing canal, since it should not remain empty for too long.
  • If you do not have a replacement piercing handy, use an earring, which is always better than nothing.
  • Go to a piercing studio as soon as possible and have them replace the piercing before the wound canal closes up.
  • If you use an earring as a replacement, be aware that the canal will have to be subsequently stretched, because it will have closed up slightly in the meantime. This is not a problem and is easily done, but it will cost you extra money since we only stretch in a sterilized manner.
  • If you’ve only lost a ball, make sure to keep the bar or ring attached (best done with leukoplast), and then go to a piercing studio.
  • Genital piercings should be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise there is a great risk of complications. Your best option is to get a “backup” piercing in case of just such an emergency.

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