Surface Piercings (U-shaped Barbells)

If you should lose the upper attachment of your surface piercing, in other words the ball, simply proceed in the same way as if you had lost a normal piercing ball.

If you’ve lost your piercing ball, there is no need to panic. Simply be patient and look for it, and once you’ve found it you can simply screw it back in or ask somebody for assistance.

Do the following:

  • Put a wash cloth into the sink
  • Wash and disinfect both your hands and the piercing/ball.
  • Press the piercing from back to front, holding it tight with your thumb, then simply insert it into the tissue in the direction of the piercing bar, until you feel it making contact. Then gradually turn it to the right (clockwise). J
  • Once you’ve made one revolution, the hard part is over. Now it will be easier to hold and you can turn it all the way in.
  • As an added safety measure you can come to us to make sure it is properly inserted.

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