Information regarding materials used

Many people will be familiar with titanium, surgical steel, and PTFE, but fewer will know about PMFK as it relates to piercing. But what are…



A premium high-tech synthetic material For decades, synthetic materials have found applications in countless areas of our everyday lives. In medical and clinical fields in…



PMMA (UV), or Acrylic was one of the first synthetic materials of the 20th century as an alternative to glass, in airplanes, in automobiles, and…



PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) possesses an extremely smooth surface to which practically no foreign substances or wound secretions will adhere. PTFE can be heated to temperatures up…


Surgical Steel 316L

For our surgical steel jewelry we exclusively use 316L and 316LVM (with a nickel separation of under 0.01% MG/CM2/week). This is in compliance with the…


Titanium G23 (Grade 23)

Titanium is a premium metal which, thanks to its special alloy (Ti6AL4V Eli), is remarkably durable and displays extraordinary bio-compatibility (titanium is nickel-free). Indeed, titanium…


Prontolind Piercing care set:

In order to optimally support the healing process, we recommend cleaning external piercings twice a day with ProntoLind spray for the first 3 weeks and then brushing with ProntoLind gel.

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