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Ear – new in wiki

A lot of interesting things about piercings on the ear can be found in our Wiki, we have revised today for you everything.



The guestbook is increasingly being replaced by reviews via Google. So we’re looking forward to your comments and suggestions on Google! At the same time we like to leave old reviews from the guestbook here…


If you want to switch your piercing

Since it can be the case that you do not get it right back, because you are nervous or the ball falls down and you do not have too much time in the beginning before…


Consult your piercer for risks and side effects

Is piercing dangerous? YES! For you can be stuck with a needle from a stranger a hole in the body and use some piercing jewelry! If she were to stick someone on the street with…


Latex allergy

Latex allergies are serious to take! For this reason, we have all the tools and gloves for all customers with a latex allergy, ie sterile gloves and disposable gloves from Nytril! These cost a lot,…


Daith Piercing

The Daith Piercing is an optical very nice piercing. There are many topics and articles on the Internet that can help with this headache and migraine. Based on the available there acupoint statements are made,…


Piercing Studio Vienna – Home

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Address Trend Agent GmbH & Piercingstudio Mariahilferstrasse 100 A – 1070 Wien Piercing appointments and information at: tel. 0676 700 3000 E-Mail: The office can be reached at: Tel: +43 (0) 1 99034 33 Fax:…



We are the best. We are certified, officially authorized, hygienic, professional, reasonably priced, cutting edge, and offer the best technical equipment available. How did we get here? Due to the great demand for a professional,…



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