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We are the best. We are certified, officially authorized, hygienic, professional, reasonably priced, cutting edge, and offer the best technical equipment available. How did we get here? Due to the great demand for a professional,…



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Our piercer

Who is he? Curriculum Vitae:Until 30 August 2016, Marc-André Stingel was a sworn, court-certified expert in body care (personal hygiene), beauty care, specializing in body piercing – piercing – body jewelry, field number 81.76.His certification…


How is a piercing actually done?

What do we mean by piercing & stretching? What happens We distinguish between the traditional piercing technique and a new approach known as surface piercing: Piercing: The traditional approach, tried and tested, which consists in…


Dangers of piercing

The greatest danger lies in choosing the wrong piercer. There are thousands of stories regarding the victims, mishaps, and unwanted side effects of piercing. Fortunately, what all these stories have in common is this: they…


Legal requirements

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PIERCING What is the minimum age for piercing? Any person who is of legal age (18 or older) is permitted to get a piercing with us, provided they have signed a declaration…


Piercing Wiki



Specialised company

Product Test Winner In May 2009, the magazine VKI Konsument (Consumer) declared us the product test winner in the category “Piercing Studio” with a rating of “Very Good” (84 points). We claimed the top spot…



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